April is Farmer’s Market Season!

It’s farmer’s market season again! I’m so excited. March is the hardest month as all my stored squash and root vegetables are used up and the new vegetables aren’t quite ready. April brings spring vegetables to the market! It’s time to buy plant starts too. For several years I compiled a list of farmers markets for this blog. This year Monica Downen of Monica’s Waterfront Bakery and Cafe has a list: Monica’s list of Kitsap County Farmers Markets. Last year the Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance had a list, they may update this year also. Their web site is an excellent resource for local food information. See you at the market! … Continue reading

What’s wrong with wheat

Local farmer Peggy Hall posted this link – had to share it here: The Real Reason for Toxic Wheat. Another reason in the hopper to trace why conventional wheat causes reactions in many people: flooding fields with Roundup at harvest. I am not making this up. Nash farms in Clallam County grow many grains and sell through the Poulsbo Farmers Market. My family makes bread in a bread machine, a five minute setup and three hours later we have bread. It’s delicious and sustaining. … Continue reading

Breaking out the crock pot

The commitment to cook and eat at home is constantly renewed. This summer Alex and I bought a bookstore. It’s great and we’re happy, but adjusting to having a family member go back to work hit us harder than we expected. He’d taken on making lunch every day and dinner most days. Now he works at the store all day, I work at my day job and then head for the shop at night. We had a lot of pizza and takeout Chinese. After a couple of weeks of this I rebelled. No more industrial food! Ted made a lot of dinners while we adjusted. Last week I broke out the crockpot and made a dinner that was waiting for us when we got home. I see a lot more crock pot dinners in our future! Here’s a quick chicken broth idea. It starts with a chicken dinner. Prep: pull … Continue reading

Brewing fresh tea

This is so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t always been doing it. What tea to choose? One option is to buy pitcher-sized bags of packaged tea. You can also get loose tea in the tea aisle of the supermarket. Look at the bottom of the shelf, sometimes it’s down below the packaged varieties. Some stores carry tea in bulk. You can bag a small amount to try out new flavors. You can also purchase a large bag to save money if you know what tea you like. The house favorite is English breakfast, a full-bodied black tea. You can try Earl Grey, although I think the flavor is better when hot. I like flavored teas like peach tea as a change in the summertime. Where to store it? Tea should be stored away from light and moisture. In our house one cabinet is devoted to tea of various kinds. … Continue reading


Vinaigrette is just a fancy name for oil and vinegar dressing. Olive oil This is the time to use the fanciest olive oil you can lay your hands on. I buy small bottles of organic olive oil, preferably from named farms. My favorite place to buy it is the Abundantly Green farm store when they have olive oil from a farm in California. If you don’t have it or if it’s just too spendy, you can use any bottle or can marked “extra virgin olive oil”. Vinegar There are so many vinegars in the world! There’s balsamic, dark and rich and a flavor in itself. There’s white wine vinegar which imparts a crisp clean taste. Rice vinegar’s slight sweetness makes it a good choice to just sprinkle on salads on its own. Apple cider vinegar tastes like apples, as you might expect, and has a bite! If you’re doing sweet … Continue reading