A Culinary Adventure

You might have heard of the 100 mile diet. The idea is that you cook only with ingredients that came from a 100 mile circle around your house. Now, I live in Washington State, an agricultural state, and a hundred miles from my house I can find wheat fields, dairies, orchards, fisheries, even cranberry bogs, so it’s easy for me to put together a meal plan that stays in-state.

More specifically, I live in unicorporated Kitsap County between Bremerton and Silverdale. Many of the communities in my county began as farming and fishing towns, and there are still many farms, heritage farms and newly established spreads. Whenever possible I cook and eat food grown and prepared just in my county.

Why would I do that? Lots of reasons:

  • to serve myself, my family, and my friends with the healthiest possible food;
  • to support local and sustainable agriculture;
  • to limit my use of oil – both the gas to run my car and the oil expended to bring me my food;
  • and, because local food tastes fantastic and feeds my soul.

Full disclosure: I telecommute four days a week. This means that I get to skip the hassle and time involved in commuting. I turn that time gain into gardening and cooking time.

I’ve been on this culinary adventure for two years now. I’m learning how to garden, how to shop, how to cook. I’m exploring farmer’s markets, checking out local restaurants, reading cookbooks and watching Food Network. I’ve grown a lot, but I have so much more to learn – to get really good at this I’m going to have to cook and eat a lot of local food. How delicious is that?

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