“Millions of peaches, peaches for me!” sing the Presidents of the United States. I didn’t have millions of peaches, but I did have a box I picked up from Paul of Gregory Farm at the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market. These beauties were ripe enough to bruise at every touch. Made putting them by a bit more challenging, but it was today’s task.

Peaches ready to dry

Peaches ready to dry

I squeezed a lemon into a bowl (lemon juice helps keep the peaches from browning in the air). Most of the peaches I cut into chunks and dipped in the bowl to coat with the lemon juice. I divided those into two packages and froze them directly. I’ve frozen fruit straight and with simple syrup, and I’m coming to like the straight method the best. I know they’ll be brown when I defrost them next winter, but I’m going to use them in baking cobblers and quick breads where the color won’t show, and if I freeze them in simple syrup the extra sugar will throw off the recipe.

The best slices ended up on the Nesco food dehydrator. It took two medium sized peaches to fill up one tray. I had been resisting buying this appliance, I did without it all last year, but I really wanted to try drying this year. I plugged it in at 4 when I left to drive out to Sequim to have dinner with Ted’s parents. When I got back at 10 the peaches were completely dry. I’ve dried apricots, strawberries, and cherries this summer, and these were by far the quickest to dry. I expect it’s because I cut the slices so thin.

Peaches, dried

Peaches, dried

I put them away in a plastic bag. I ate one slice. It tastes like concentrated peach! I’m sure I’m going to appreciate snacking on my fruit chips next winter.


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  1. This is the perfect post and may be one that can be followed up to see what are the results

    A chum e mailed this link the other day and I’m excitedly awaiting your next write. Continue on the awesome work.

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