Cleaning the refridgerator

Another busy day in the kitchen, clearing space both for the Saturday shopping. Things I made today:

  • blueberry freezer jam, trying to use up last year’s frozen blueberries
  • apricot freezer jam, with this year’s apricots
  • vanilla ice cream (for friends coming over tomorrow)
  • baked a chicken – it was in the refrigerator for a week, will use in soups and such
  • Provencal vegetable soup

I could actually see the bottom shelf of my refrigerator after all this. Made some space in the vegetable bin too. I unearthed a bag of basil I’d forgotten about. I thought about drying the leaves, but they were right at the edge of usable. What I did instead was chop them up, which let me pull the black bits out.

The Provencal soup recipe called for pesto to be added at serving. I pulled a couple of pesto cubes from the freezer and dropped them into the bowls I served the guys and myself. It adds depth and brightness to the soup.

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