Bruschetta lunch

Cookbooks and cooking shows talk about what to make for dinner. But what about breakfast and lunch? On a fresh local diet it’s harder to figure out.

Some of the vine-ripened tomatoes are finally coming in, both in my garden and in the farmer’s markets. I have a little basket of them on my counter. Last night I picked up a baguette for bruschetta today. This isn’t really a recipe, it’s more of a technique. I chopped the tomatoes finely, about eight of them. Smashed four garlic cloves and chopped them finely as well. Drizzled olive oil, not much, just to cover, and stirred a couple of times. I sliced thin rounds from the baguette, heaped the tomato mix on top, and had a fast lunch. If I had fresh lemons I would add lemon juice. This is especially good with fresh basil.



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