Fruit Club Fall Show

Fall fruit show

Fall fruit show

The Peninsula Fruit Club’s Fall Fruit Show turned out to be even more fun than I expected it to be. Ted, Alex and I spent several hours at the show today. The guys attended a lecture on pruning while I checked out all the displays and talked to experts about espalier techniques, pest control, and orchard mason bees. The centerpiece of the show was the fruit, many tables filled with plates of apples – I counted over 100 varieties, and the club members assured me this is a bad year, they usually have many more. We could taste a slice of the ones that interested us. Not just apples either, the fruit on display included pears, blueberries, and many varieties of grapes.

We plan to put in fruit trees next spring so this was a very timely show. The espalier lecture filled us with ideas about places to squeeze in trees. I joined the club! The spring show promises lectures and demonstrations on grafting, that will be very helpful too.

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