Food for everyone

Food for all

Food for all

There are many people working to make sure no one in Kitsap County goes to bed hungry.

Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido provided land which local master gardeners are using to grow food for local food banks. See the link below about South Kitsap Garden.

North Kitsap Fishline not only provides food, but also housing and utility assistance. My favorite program is Safe Park, providing a safe place for single women living out of their cars to park and sleep at night.

Every single farmer’s market in Kitsap County donates to local food banks. Go Jackie!

The Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition web site lists all local food banks and links to many useful resources.

We don’t have to wait until the holidays to donate. Let’s all join in to make sure everyone gets dinner tonight.

South Kitsap Garden
North Kitsap Fishline
Kitsap County Food Bank Coalition

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