Rachel’s on the East Side

Rachels on the East Side

Rachels on the East Side

At the last Sustainable Bremerton meeting the group discussed businesses using compostable takeout containers and mentioned Rachel’s. Since then I’ve made it a point to stop by a couple of times and bring friends. This pizza shop on Sylvan by the Bremerton post office and library was most recently Badda Boom Badda Bing, and before that a branch of the local pizza chain Spiro’s. Rachel’s is the newest incarnation of pizza shop at this location.

I must say I love what owner Rachel Finn has done with the place. The bright yellow walls are a cheery pick-me-up on gloomy Northwest rainy fall days. You can get a personal, small or large pizza, topped with a choice of tomato sauce, alfredo, or a mix which they call pink sauce, as well as all the standard pizza toppings. The menu includes fresh salads and soups, as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods.

I’ve tasted several pizzas from this shop now, all well made. As advertised, leftovers came home with me in a compostable box!

Rachels on the East Side.

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