Puget Sound starts here

Puget Sound starts here

I spent a few minutes today tracing my watershed. Water falling on my roof empties into a little drainage which originates in Blueberry Meadows marsh. I’ve traced a line of greenery along that little tributary on Google Maps. I can’t be sure where it goes, but we’re close enough to Clear Creek that I bet it connects up there. Clear Creek cuts through the Petersen farm; where it leaves farmland and enters commercial Silverdale it is cared for by the very active Clear Creek Trail group which restored the greenbelt along the creek, installed extensive walking trails, and monitors the salmon population.

Clear Creek and Chico Creek are the two major tributaries to Dyes Inlet. When I drive along Central Valley Road toward Poulsbo I leave Dyes Inlet and enter the Liberty Bay watershed. A few miles from my house and over a hill I leave the Dyes Inlet watershed and enter the Hood Canal area, a fjord fed by major mountain rivers. Dyes Inlet, Liberty Bay and Hood Canal empty into Puget Sound. When water falls off my roof and flows down the hill to the drainage, that is where it ultimately ends up.

Clear Creek Trail

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