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Root vegetable mash: I tried a mixed mash with celeriac and parsnips. The Colinwood Farm guy sold me golden turnips to go with those but at the last minute I chickened out and used potatoes instead. The celeriac gave the mash a nice tartness, the parsnips made it very sweet. I followed Alice Waters’ advice and boiled all three vegetables separately, but that was a lot of time and effort. I think in the future I’ll do them all together, the times for each to get soft were close enough.

Fennel apple slaw: I like the sweet crunch of these together. With a little mayonnaise and red wine vinegar this salad is tart enough to stand up to a rich meal.

French onion soup: my first attempt at the soup I loved so much at Mor Mor’s Beaujolais Nouveau dinner. I sauteed the onions for about an hour before adding broth saved from a coq au vin. Next time I want to use a straight beef broth. Ted’s family has this on Christmas day, I have an ambition to make it for them.

Finnriver Farm bread: I used the farm’s hard red wheat flour to make both pizza dough and bread. The flour is bran-like in consistency and sweetness. I need to remember to add more of the flour than recipes normally call for as it doesn’t absorb as much liquid as other flours in my pantry. I love the texture and taste of this flour. I wish I had a winter’s worth, but since I only have one bag, I’m making it last.

Turkey crepes: finished the turkey! Alex and I made the crepes on a griddle and they came out a bit thick, if we want thinner crepes we’ll need a crepe pan. I topped them with a mushroom brown sauce using up the last of the fresh chanterelles.

Brown sauce is another thing I’m learning just now. These are some of the more complicated sauces, they’re a bit daunting. I have a new respect for the Mor Mor chefs who made sauce bordelaise – that’s truly an accomplishment.


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  1. It’s been a long time since I had celeriac mixed in with a root veggie mash. I love the vegetal flavor it brings–you get a dish that is both rich, creamy and brightly flavored. Have you tried mixing potatoes and rutabaga in a mash? It’s really good, too.

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