Dairy day

Last week my regular milk delivery got stuck in the snow. I went down to Fresh Local and picked up two gallons of Dungeness Creamery raw milk. Then I went out of town for several days for Thanksgiving.

So today I picked up my weekly two gallons of Holstein milk and still had two gallons of Jersey milk left. Tonight I processed last week’s milk.

Butter: Jerseys give a lot of cream. A few days ago I poured the milk into a couple of large containers and let it sit overnight. Tonight I skimmed the cream. I put it in the blender and processed into butter (and buttermilk).

I’ve been thinking lately about how to do my everyday cooking tasks without the appliances I plug in to assist. If I had to pick one to keep, it would be the blender – it chops, mixes, and purees. Also I’ve churned butter by hand and it takes forever. It takes quite a while in the blender too.

Ice cream: vanilla. I supplemented the milk with Organic Valley cream, since I’d used the cream for butter.

Ricotta: I broke out Ricki Carroll’s reference Home Cheese Making and followed her instructions. I started with ricotta because it’s supposed to be easy, and because I could buy citric acid at Fresh Local, but I’m going to have to buy starters for any other cheese online.

It seemed to take forever to bring nearly two gallons of milk to 185′. I kept stirring but it scorched on the bottom anyway; some curds stuck to the scorched surface so I just scraped those into the yard waste.

Now I have cheese! Next up, plan what to do with the buttermilk and ricotta. Butter and ice cream get used up in the course of everyday eating.

I felt so affluent, and so lucky, to spend an entertaining evening processing dairy!

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