Market winter

Bainbridge Island Winter Market

Bainbridge Island Winter Market

One of the skills that’s dropped out of the American home is the ability to figure out how much food the family needs to store for the winter. My goal is to make it through to next spring. A root cellar check last week revealed the potato store was low. Fortunately the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market runs a winter market in December. Last Saturday I made a run out to the island to refill the root cellar.

Persephone Farm posted a note that they were done for the season. Fortunately there were a couple of farmers on site who had specifically bagged potatos for cellaring through the winter. Oh, and they had Ozette potatos, the Makah root vegetables which are on the Terra Madre heritage list.

Back home I tucked the potatos into the back of the pantry, which is staying a nice 56. I turned the squashes and found one which had gone moldy, the rest seem fine. I need to get better at knowing which to eat first and which will store longer. I checked the onions too and took a couple upstairs to use up immediately. There’s another skill we’re relearning, how to manage the food supply when it’s not dried and boxed for perpetual storage.

The winter market was the last Kitsap County farmer’s market until next April. We’re in the winter season now for sure. Happy Solstice!

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