Peas by President’s Day

Winter vegetables and early spring planting

Winter vegetables and early spring planting

All winter long I’ve nursed a couple of kale and a cabbage in a raised bed under a plastic cap. The difference between the soil in that bed and the ones without protection is noticeable – the soil in the open beds compacted under the heavy rains, while the soil in the protected bed is a good 4 degrees warmer.

Covered bed

Newly covered bed

Like a good Master Gardener rookie I dropped my peas into the beds last weekend. We all spent the day outside. Alex sifted his beautiful compost and hydrated coconut coir for me to mix in with it. Ted set up heating units in the greenhouse in preparation for the spring starts and set up a plastic tent above another one of the raised beds. I cleaned up the bee garden in the front yard and tidied up the porch. We all spent time looking at the back 1/4 acre thinking about what we want to do this year.

It felt really good to be back in the garden. It’s the earliest possible moment in the season, but…the season has started!

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