Season preview

Bremerton Farmers Market display

Bremerton Farmers Market display

Kitsap County Agricultural Association members got a sneak peak at the season Monday night. The group held a “Meet the Farmers and the Farmers Market” expo at the regular monthly meeting. This was a great time to connect with the new market managers (Poulsbo and Bremerton each have new ones), shop for a CSA, and check out the newest vendors in the area.

KCAA meetings usually include potlucks. This one featured beautiful boule loaves, deviled eggs, spring greens salad with peppery arugula and sweet young leaves, corn chowder, stuffed mushrooms, and three kinds of brownies!

Today Alex made his apple cake for the meeting, the delicious scent made me hungry all day. He suggested that I bake bread. I made a boule and a bean spread to go with it. I took it to the meeting and dropped it alongside the other four or five loaves of bread, and labeled it “Wheat spelt bread”. A bit later I cruised the table again and a gentleman said to me, “This spelt bread is magnificent! Do you know who made it?” I blushed and said, “Why, I did!” It made my night.

This winter I experimented with overwintered greens but I didn’t plant many of them. Occasionally I’ve been able to pick something up at Fresh Local, but since I eat in the local foodshed, if I don’t grow it or find it locally I go without. Doug Millard of Harlow Gardens brought a bowl of spring greens to the potluck. It was my first greens of the year and I’ve been jonesing for them seriously. I ate every leaf individually, it was all so delicious. Doug says he has greens all winter long. I’ve been reading Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Harvest and I’m determined to plant winter greens next September. Doug says he uses greenhouse plastic so now I’m reconsidering again what to put on my hoops.

In the next week plan to do round-up of local CSAs and Kitsap Farmer’s Markets, watch this space!

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