Colello’s Farm Stand

Colello's Farm Stand

Colello's Farm Stand

Friday when I drove out to the Olalla Valley Farmers Market I finally had a chance to drop by Colello’s. The farm stand has a reputation for supporting local food and I was pleased to find that it is well deserved. The freezer case stocks pork from two Port Orchard farms, the refrigerator carries local eggs and fresh raw milk from Black Jack Valley Farm (cream on top!) Morning Side Bakery’s bread shows up there too. I picked up a jar of locally made jalapeno pepper jam. There are also plant starts available.

Much of the largely organic produce carries origin labels. At this time of year much of it is coming from eastern Washington or California. I know the owners have been searching for local sources of produce – there’s such a high demand for what is grown here that the farmers markets soak almost all of it up. Earlier in the year Ron sent out a call for local produce, so if you’re a local producer, there’s a year-round outlet waiting.

This is a charming stand with friendly folk supporting local food. If you’re in South Kitsap, check it out!

Colellos Farm Stand

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