Beef in Kitsap

Tom Clark (photo Sequim Locally Grown Mercantile)

Tom Clark (photo Sequim Locally Grown Mercantile)

I try not to eat meat unless I know who raised it, especially beef. Fortunately antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass-fed beef is available in Kitsap County.

Vegetables, fruit, and grain have a season, are planted in fall or spring and harvested when ready. Meat also has a season – animals are born in the spring, raised through the summer, and then slaughtered in the fall. That means now is the time to place your meat orders with local farmers!

Where to store it? You can store a surprising amount of neatly wrapped packages even in a small refrigerator freezer. Home cooks who grow and shop in the local food shed often invest in a standalone freezer to store meat slaughtered in season alongside harvested vegetables.

Kitsap County Fair: First there’s the 4H youth club animal auctions at the fair. This is great fun and encourages future farmers too! It’s Saturday Aug. 27 at 11 a.m. at the Kitsap County Fair Swine Barn. Between now and then you can inspect the animals in their barns.

South Kitsap: Black Jack Valley Farm beef is available at Colello’s, Fresh Local, or delivered to your door if you get Karen’s milk.

Central-North Kitsap: Abundantly Green is now taking orders for fall. You can sign up through their web site, catch up with them at the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market, or visit the farm store, where you can spy the cattle eating their grass!

Our foodshed includes Jefferson and Clallam counties as well.

Short’s Family Farm in Chimacum advertises that their products are available through Fresh Local. I caught up with them at a Silverdale Farmer’s Market and stocked up on 2 pound beef packages.

Clark Farm: Tom and Holly Clark make the trip out from Sequim to the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market most weeks. When I drive out to Sequim to visit Ted’s mom I pass right by the cows in their fields.

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