As-local-as-possible food palette

I’m on a retreat; there’s just me in a small cabin with a minimal kitchen. I’m interested in seeing what meals I can turn out with just the pantry I have currently stocked.



  • Oils of Pacines California olive oil, from Abundantly Green farm store.
  • Honeyridge Farms (Brush Prairie, WA) balsamic honey vinegar. This is vinegar made from honey.
  • Apres Vin (Yakima) Chardonnay grapeseed oil.


  • Shephard’s Grain (Washington) white flour.
  • Finnriver Farm (Chimacum) spelt flour.


  • Clark Farm (Sequim) beef.
  • Pheasant Fields Farm (Kitsap) chicken.
  • Cape Cleare (Port Townsend) salmon.


  • Blackjack Valley (Kitsap) milk.
  • Organic Valley (?) butter.
  • Tillamook (Oregon) and Greenbank Farm (Whidbey Island) cheese.
  • Pheasant Fields Farm and Red Rooster Farm (Kitsap) eggs.


  • Kitsap: strawberries, apples.
  • Washington state: peaches, pears.
  • Other: kiwi berries (from Central Market marked “Northwest”), bananas.

All from Kitsap:

Potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, kale, lettuce, corn, summer squash, winter squash.

My own fresh herbs: parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme (cue song), oregano, tarragon.


Beeieeio Honey, from Chimacum.
Coffee, Fairplanet – fair trade beans roasted in Southworth.

Yeast, baking powder, salt, pepper.

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