Thanksgiving dinner

My turkey is from Stuart Boyle and Michelle Gilles at Creekside Family Farms. If you’re looking for local poultry, the Kitsap Poultry Growers Co-Op has a directory. At least two of the farms listed, Abundantly Green in central Kitsap and The Food Shed at Kingston Farm (Harley Soltes’ old place) in north Kitsap also offer organic chicken feed. Karen Olson of Blackjack Valley Farms delivers a chicken to my door every week along with two gallons of raw milk – best milk ever.

My potatoes and pumpkin come from Andrea Wigglesworth of Wyckels Farm. She sells at the Poulsbo Farmers Market every Saturday.

I was lucky enough to catch Paul Gregory’s winter CSA. Gregory Farms has a booth at the Poulsbo Farmers Market too, which is good because Paul doesn’t have a Facebook page. For the last four weeks I’ve collected a box of carrots, squash, apples, pears, peppers, and this last week, cranberries!

So I’m ready to make the dinner. It’s not getting made today though! My 86-year-old friend wants to eat out, so we’re going to the Cedars Restaurant at Suquamish Clearwater Casino; the irony is not lost on me, and I strive to be respectful. I’ll probably roast the turkey on Sunday.

Whether you’re baking yesterday, today, or sometime this month, it’s time to break out the tried and true recipes! Here’s mine: A Simple Local Holiday Meal.

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