Round two

I can’t believe it’s been so many months since I wrote here! Well, people in the community have seen me at farmers markets, in the Master Gardener program, and at the bee club. Aside from those activities, my job became so insanely busy I stopped cooking altogether. What that meant is that Alex took up the apron and has been following the journey that I took – and he uses this blog to do it!

The closing of Mor Mor was a real blow. I remember coming off a 30 day trip around the country and falling into the doors of that restaurant as a welcome homecoming. Of course we wish John and Laura all success – can’t wait to see the new diner! It did cause me to consider whether I was going to continue working on this blog. Alex tells me that there are people reading it, in fact, there are enough people reading it that it has reached the level of being useful to the world!

For that reason I have decided to take inspiration from John and Laura and recast this blog. We’ll go on talking about what we do and what is happening in Kitsap. I’m also interested in documenting the journey Alex and I took away from industrial food and toward locally-based eating. That journey has been more than just learning how to cook and how to grow food ourselves, it has been about entering into a community of people who feed us and support each other.

So you will continue to see me at the farmers market. I’ll take pictures of the garden and catch everyone up on what’s happening with the chickens. You’ll also see a few new changes. I’ll be adding features that describe this journey and how others can take it too. Welcome to round two!

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