Farmers Market Season has begun!

Spring at the market

Spring at the market! (Photo by Alex Williams)

It’s farmer’s market season again! Here are some of the things you could find at the Poulsbo Farmers Market last Saturday.

  • Starts: dill, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, squash, marigold, sunflowers, tomatoes.
  • Fresh produce:kale, mixed lettuce greens, big juicy radishes. Overwintered potatoes and brand new leeks; overwintered apples and spring rhubarb.
  • Protein:Eggs, chicken, lamb.
  • Staples:Wheat flour, corn meal, dried beans.
  • Handcrafted food: ice cream, pastry, salsa and tamales. Eggs scrambled while you wait and pizza baked on the spot.
  • Beauty: cut flowers for the vase on the table!

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