April – May 2014: shopping list and menus

Spring at the market

Spring at the market! (Photo by Alex Williams)

Here is what we bought and what we made from it in the first month of farmers market season. We started shopping at the Poulsbo Farmers Market and switched to Bremerton when it opened.

What we bought

Greens: salad bowl (lettuce growing in a planter), kale
Vegetables: broccoli raab, green onions
Roots: last year’s potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, parsnips
Fruits: last year’s apples, new rhubarb
Meat: Roast beef, steaks, pork roast.
Flour: wheat, spelt, triticale. Crumpets from London Maid.

Delivered to the door

Milk, chicken


Rice, pasta, oatmeal


Kale, cilantro, herbs, eggs

What we made


  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs and crumpets


  • Roast, baker, salad
  • Pork chops with rhubarb compote, mashed potatoes, salad
  • Steamed rice, vegetables
  • Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, salad
  • Chicken biryani
  • Beef stew with root vegetables, bread
  • Chicken soup with root vegetables (uses up leftover mashed potatoes)
  • Pantry meal: tuna and pasta
  • Fried rice: uses up all the leftover vegetables and meats!

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