Breaking out the crock pot

Chicken in roasting pan

Chicken in roasting pan

The commitment to cook and eat at home is constantly renewed. This summer Alex and I bought a bookstore. It’s great and we’re happy, but adjusting to having a family member go back to work hit us harder than we expected. He’d taken on making lunch every day and dinner most days. Now he works at the store all day, I work at my day job and then head for the shop at night. We had a lot of pizza and takeout Chinese.

After a couple of weeks of this I rebelled. No more industrial food! Ted made a lot of dinners while we adjusted. Last week I broke out the crockpot and made a dinner that was waiting for us when we got home. I see a lot more crock pot dinners in our future!

Here’s a quick chicken broth idea. It starts with a chicken dinner.

Prep: pull a chicken from the freezer and defrost in the meat drawer of the refrigerator. (Karen at Blackjack Valley Farm drops one in our porch cooler every week.)

Chicken dinner: the chicken should defrost in 1-2 days. Sprinkle some Herbs de Poulet on the chicken, put it on a rack in a pan, bake at 400′ for 1.5 hours or so. Serve with salad, rice or potatoes, and vegetable of choice on the side. Make chicken stock with the carcass and save the leftover chicken bits.

Day Four: This is the crock pot day. Add water to the chicken stock to make 3 cups of liquid. Put the chicken stock and chicken in the crock pot. Add chopped onion, chopped carrot, and winter spice mix: 1 tsp. cumin, 1 tsp. smoked paprika, 1 Tbs. salt. Put on low.

When you come home, quickly make rice or egg noodles. Spoon chicken broth over this and serve.

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