Chicken update

How the chickens are getting along: we named the hens on the Famous Women Chefs naming convention. The dominant hen, the one who proudly announces the worms she pulls and then gets chased all over the yard for them, is Julia (Childs). The happy-go-lucky middle hen who sticks to Julia’s side is Alice (Waters). The lowest-on-the-ladder hen Irma (Rombauer) is the most likely to wander away from the group and last in the coop every night. The little coop and run that I picked up from Del’s is just big enough to fit the chickens, a water can, a feed can, and a little tray for oyster shell and grit. We put a plastic tarp over the top of the run to protect them from the rain. Alex cleans the coop nearly every day. We moved the run after a month or so to give them new ground and make … Continue reading


Today we got our first chickens. Hand Sown Homegrown is selling off their flock. I’m sad to see young Kitsap farmers taking a leave of absence from farming and we wish them all the best. This is a great opportunity to pick up laying pullets, contact Sara if you can add some birds to your flock. I shopped the Black Friday sale at Del’s and got a small coop and pen. Then we had to figure out where exactly we were going to shoehorn the coop into our skinny acre with trees. In the summer the flock will go behind the garage, but that’s rather far from the house in the winter and we’re concerned about predators. We carved out a space between the garage and the house that isn’t perfect but would work temporarily. Then Ted, Alex and I all trooped off to Sara’s henhouse together. Sara picked up … Continue reading