Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner

The Kitsap County Agricultural Alliance Harvest Dinner last Sunday was a celebration of what is possible. Organizing Chef Chris Plemmons of Two Snooty Chefs and Olympic College arranged a galaxy of culinary stars, including Chef Richard Kost of CJ’s Evergreen General Store and Catering and Chef Jeff McLelland of Harbour Public House & Pegasus Cafe to lay out a sumptuous groaning board. About 150 people showed up to share the feast. There were a few luminaries in the crowd, including Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido and Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent. There were three lines of tables – three! One table served hot meat-based main dishes, one table served salads and vegetarian fare, and the third offered delicious dessert treats (BonBon Bakery, Sweets and Savories, Viking Feast). I had an ambition to talk about all the items, but I lost my menu, and frankly, it was overwhelming. I do remember quite … Continue reading

Stillwaters Ecofest

Alex, Ted and I spent an enjoyable afternoon at the Stillwaters Environmental Educational Center EcoFest. This was my first time out to Stillwaters, Ted’s too, Alex had been there in the dead of winter to pick up rain barrels for us. It’s a lovely place out in north county near Kingston along Carpenter Creek and near Carpenter Lake. Ted spent some time wandering around the grounds and reported that they surrounding forest has a peaceful quality suitable for a place calling itself still. I spent my time at the many booths tucked away on the grounds – some forty different organizations and vendors showed up to provide information, demonstrations, and materials. There were goats and chickens that the kids could pet, a demonstration beehive (like an ant farm, but with bees) so they could watch the bees at work, and face painting. Three of the clubs I belong to had … Continue reading

Join a club!

In another spring roundup, here is a list of area clubs and associations involved with growing food (and the foodshed). I know there are many clubs I haven’t met yet, but I wanted to collect the ones I’ve visited so far. There are so many pockets of specialized local knowledge in this county! It’s interesting because many of these clubs don’t have overlapping membership, they’re enthusiasts of a particular type. None of them are cliquish though, every one of these clubs is friendly and eager to welcome new members. They have a lot of knowledge to share. They’ll greet you at the door, ask you back, encourage you to get started, help you figure it out, ask how you’re doing, and hook you up with the resources you need. All you have to do is decide whether you’re interested in fruit, honey, chicken and eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, or all of … Continue reading

Season preview

Kitsap County Agricultural Association members got a sneak peak at the season Monday night. The group held a “Meet the Farmers and the Farmers Market” expo at the regular monthly meeting. This was a great time to connect with the new market managers (Poulsbo and Bremerton each have new ones), shop for a CSA, and check out the newest vendors in the area. KCAA meetings usually include potlucks. This one featured beautiful boule loaves, deviled eggs, spring greens salad with peppery arugula and sweet young leaves, corn chowder, stuffed mushrooms, and three kinds of brownies! Today Alex made his apple cake for the meeting, the delicious scent made me hungry all day. He suggested that I bake bread. I made a boule and a bean spread to go with it. I took it to the meeting and dropped it alongside the other four or five loaves of bread, and labeled … Continue reading