Westsound Small Farms Expo

Just got home from the West Sound Farms Expo. The workshops provided outstanding information from farmers really out in the fields growing and selling food in Kitsap County. Alex, Ted and I all attended and split up to cover more classes, so you’ll be seeing our reports on Kitsap Cuisine News in the coming days. In her keynote speech Amy Pennington encouraged us all to inspire others to learn more about local food. I am inspired to plan, to plant, to experiment in the kitchen, and to write. I have a long list of topics to cover and can’t wait to get started! First, though, I have to finish planning what I’m planting this year. Andrea (of Finn Hill Farm) started seeding last month, and Jean (of Fresh Local) and Nikki (Pheaseant Fields Farm) had starts at the event. I definitely need to focus this week on getting some seeds … Continue reading

Micro farming

I’ve been to two meetings in two days that give me hope for Kitsap Cuisine. On Monday I attended the orientation meeting for the WSU Master Gardeners program. The training involves both all-day classes and online training, followed by a 40 hour volunteer committment in your rookie year. I was looking for a way to give back to the food community, this is a very exciting opportunity. Classes start in January and run through April, and, if I make it through, graduation is in October. Tuesday night I turned up for the KCAA November meeting and board election. KCAA runs the blog “Buy Local Food in Kitsap”, which turns out to be very well named – when I decided to eat local I typed “local food kitsap” in my web browser and immediately entered the world of local food. The blog has over the years interviewed many farmers and food … Continue reading

Sustainable Bremerton

I’m making the rounds of local associations to get an idea of what they do and see if there is a way I can be helpful. Last night I popped into the Sustainable Bremerton quarterly meeting. Most of the members are more high powered than I am but were warmly welcoming to a newcomer. The group provides input to public land use discussions. I learned a lot about the many valuable uses of public forest land, including carbon sequestration, which slows climate change. This should concern all of us who care about eating. I took away one important idea that individuals can do immediately. The city of Seattle has enacted many sustainable initiatives: levying a plastic bag fee, requiring food service businesses to use compostable take-out containers, and distributing compostable food waste bins all over the city. If we want to encourage Kitsap government to move in that direction the … Continue reading

Kitsap Food

I joined the Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance to celebrate my birthday. When I started down the path of growing, buying, cooking and eating local food, I wondered where to start. A web search on “local food Kitsap” brought up the KCAA web site, Buy Local Food in Kitsap. I was so excited to discover the agricultural renaissance in my county! It amazed me that I knew so little about the place I live. I’d lived in Kitsap County nearly a decade but knew almost nothing about local history. On the highways I drove past significant farms, while on the local roads I saw smaller fields with cattle and horses. My own acre had a fallen barn on it when we first bought the place, along with old apple and plum trees. So it was clear this was once a thriving farming community. Once I located the KCAA web site … Continue reading