Small Farms Expo

On Saturday Feb. 9 the WSU Small Farms Team put on the third annual Small Farms Expo. This year’s theme was Gaining Ground, which seemed like a good choice, as the classes and conversations seemed to continue the training and discussion we’ve had in previous years. This year I attended as a vendor, managing the booth for the West Sound Beekeepers Association. Veteran teacher Paul Lundy presented a class, “Sweet Rewards”, discussing backyard beekeeping for pollination and honey. The club is holding its first ever “Farmer-Beekeeper Forum” at the regular meeting Tuesday February 19 at 7 p.m. at Stedman’s Bee Supplies. The idea is to bring farmers together with beekeepers to discuss how to make sure pollination happens for our local farmers. Most of the conversations I had centered on the pollination crisis in the country and locally; many farmers reported a sharp drop in native pollinators last year. I … Continue reading

2013 Winter Farm Stands

Even though the seasonal farmers markets have closed, you can still find local produce, meat and dairy in Kitsap. Farm Stores North Kitsap The Food Shed From their Facebook page: Cafe Friday 10-5, farm stand open any time. Broken Ground Farm Self serve farm stand open Wed.-Fri. 12-6, Saturday 9-6. Vegetables in season. Central Kitsap Pheasant Fields Farm Monday-Saturday 10-6 for self-serve milk and eggs. Abundantly Green Kitsap’s certified organic farm is open Tuesdays 2-6. Milk, eggs, pork, beef, lamb. The store also carries olive oil from California and local coffee. Vegetables in season. Organic chicken feed! South Kitsap Black Jack Valley Farm Self-service milk, eggs and meat. Fernwood Creamery Milk, eggs, meat. I’m told they have a farm store, the web site doesn’t have hours. Bainbridge Bay Hay and Feed Alert readers pointed me to this store, Monday-Saturday 9-5:30, Sunday 10-4. They advertise a farm stand with local produce. … Continue reading

2013 Resolution

I will know the sources of my food. We know that the industrial food system is broken – it is poisoning us. Buying organic helps, but even the organic label doesn’t prohibit additives. To make sure what we buy is what we think we’re buing, the advice we often hear is to meet our local farmers. But how many of us actually do it? The place where this happens is the farmers market and farm stores, the direct farmer-to-home-cook connection. Any store, even a food co-op, places a layer of administration between the farmer and the cook. That said, once the farmer connection is made, a farm store or co-op can stock food from farmers we already know. Here are my farmers for fresh food. Greens, herbs, celery and garlic, eggs: my place, Duck Hollow. Onions: Paul Gregory of Gregory Farms. I secretly think that if you are not buying … Continue reading

Kitsap Local Store in Silverdale Mall – Cottage Jams

Have you tried Cottage Jams yet? These local folk source their fruits as close to home as possible. There are old standbys like apple butter and peach jam and new favorites like caramel apple butter and cranberry apple. They’re at the Kitsap Local store in the mall. I’m gifting some jars to my hard-to-buy-for 80-something friend for Christmas. Great hostess gifts too! You can always find the latest news here: Cottage Jams on Facebook. … Continue reading