Broken Ground Farm Stand

Last Friday I caught a Facebook post from The Food Shed bakery that they’d be selling goods at the Broken Ground farm stand. The post said the farm stand is near the Eglon Community Church and would be open from noon to dusk. Based on just those directions (with the aid of my GPS) I drove out and found it! To make the journey a little easier, here’s some more detail: head for the Eglon Community Church, 33690 Eglon Road Northeast, Kingston. As you pass the church, on the right hand side of the road you will see some post boxes and a street sign that says “Shipping, Pvt. Lane”. On the left side of the road you will see a small “produce” sign. Turn into that drive and you’ll find the farm stand. The farm stand nestles right next to the cultivated rows of kale. I was able to … Continue reading

Blackjack Valley Farm Visit

Saturday morning I finally had a chance to visit Blackjack Valley Farm. I followed Karen’s precise directions (below) and found the location easily. If you’re programming your GPS, head for the intersection of Lider and Sidney in Port Orchard and look for the A-board at the driveway. I spotted the cows as I pulled into the driveway, so I knew I was in the right place. The beauty of the valley drew me to the end of the road with my camera, mist covering the gentle slopes. I waved at the chickens which have given me so many dozens of wonderful eggs! It took me a few minutes to figure out where I needed to go. Here’s the hot tip: when you park the car, just look straight out the windshield, that red building out front has a farm store tucked into the porch. Why, you might ask, did I … Continue reading

Start Now Farm Tour

Last Monday I got to tour Start Now Farm. I’ve wanted to visit the place ever since I first read their web site. As I’ve encountered Jean Schanen and Glenn Huff around the community I have often said “I have to come by and see you!” So when the WSU Small Farms team signed Glenn and Jean up for the third-and-final Hot Summer Nights farm tour I jumped at the chance. As advertised the farm spreads over several urban lots. Jean and Glenn don’t just limit themselves to yard space, they have expanded up into the rooftops, connected by walkways. Glenn keeps his Warre hives up there with some fruit trees. His hives are looking pretty good! The farm includes several hoop houses; each new one incorporates the lessons Glenn has learned building the previous ones. This extensive urban farm includes a greenhouse for starting seeds, a compost system, and … Continue reading

Farm store trip

If it’s Tuesday it must be time to pop over to the Abundantly Green farm store. It’s kind of surreal to leave my desk in Corporate World where I have spent all day in cyberspace running meetings, and five minutes later be wearing boots and standing in the middle of a working farm. It feels like walking out into the real world. (Actually it is walking out into the real world). The store had no greens today with snow in the forecast. I picked up a bag of eating carrots, a couple of apples, and a bottle of very nice olive oil. The apples went straight into a celeriac apple slaw for dinner. Even without fresh greens, Abundantly Green’s farm store has milk, coffee, lots of fruit, and a can’t-be-matched farmland setting. It’s worth a Tuesday afternoon trip! Links: Abundantly Green … Continue reading