Joel Salatin speaks to local community

If Wendell Berry is our philosopher farmer, Joel Salatin is our evangelist. Kitsap residents had the chance to hear him speak at the annual Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance Harvest Dinner on Sunday September 27. Farmers old and young, artisan food makers, club presidents, politicians, and food enthusiasts filled the Bremer Center at Olympic College. KCAA members, young chefs-in-training, and Chef Richard Kost himself served food from three tables, all supervised by our celebrated Chef Chris Plemmons. Each year the spread is more amazing. From the same tables you could have a gourmet vegetarian meal, with roasted tomatoes, kale salad, and every kind of vegetable you could think of: green beans, carrots, broccoli, beets and zucchini. You could have a soup and salad dinner. You could have a superb meat and potatoes spread with chicken, stuffed pork and scalloped potatoes. Or you could step into another culture with rogan josh … Continue reading

Petersen farm sold over farming community objections

Gerald Petersen’s absentee heirs have sold Petersen Farm to Port Orchard cattle ranchers DJ Cattle and Land (owned by the Berry family). Long-time farmer caretakers Scott and Peggy Hall were forced out of the deal despite the objections of the Kitsap Community Agricultural Alliance. Logging on the property is in the development plan. Full details in the Kitsap Sun article. Along with the loss of Gregory farm, this strikes a serious blow at the agricultural capacity of Kitsap County. In the fertile Central Valley area spanning Bremerton, Silverdale and Poulsbo, this leaves only Pheasant Fields Farm and Abundantly Green farm. I contributed to the conservation easement but I don’t feel like attending the celebration planned by the Great Peninsula Conservancy. The easement prevented the development of housing and stores on the property, but it did not guarantee keeping the property whole or retaining diversified farming. What we need in this … Continue reading

What’s wrong with wheat

Local farmer Peggy Hall posted this link – had to share it here: The Real Reason for Toxic Wheat. Another reason in the hopper to trace why conventional wheat causes reactions in many people: flooding fields with Roundup at harvest. I am not making this up. Nash farms in Clallam County grow many grains and sell through the Poulsbo Farmers Market. My family makes bread in a bread machine, a five minute setup and three hours later we have bread. It’s delicious and sustaining. … Continue reading

Small Farms Expo

On Saturday Feb. 9 the WSU Small Farms Team put on the third annual Small Farms Expo. This year’s theme was Gaining Ground, which seemed like a good choice, as the classes and conversations seemed to continue the training and discussion we’ve had in previous years. This year I attended as a vendor, managing the booth for the West Sound Beekeepers Association. Veteran teacher Paul Lundy presented a class, “Sweet Rewards”, discussing backyard beekeeping for pollination and honey. The club is holding its first ever “Farmer-Beekeeper Forum” at the regular meeting Tuesday February 19 at 7 p.m. at Stedman’s Bee Supplies. The idea is to bring farmers together with beekeepers to discuss how to make sure pollination happens for our local farmers. Most of the conversations I had centered on the pollination crisis in the country and locally; many farmers reported a sharp drop in native pollinators last year. I … Continue reading