2013 Resolution

I will know the sources of my food. We know that the industrial food system is broken – it is poisoning us. Buying organic helps, but even the organic label doesn’t prohibit additives. To make sure what we buy is what we think we’re buing, the advice we often hear is to meet our local farmers. But how many of us actually do it? The place where this happens is the farmers market and farm stores, the direct farmer-to-home-cook connection. Any store, even a food co-op, places a layer of administration between the farmer and the cook. That said, once the farmer connection is made, a farm store or co-op can stock food from farmers we already know. Here are my farmers for fresh food. Greens, herbs, celery and garlic, eggs: my place, Duck Hollow. Onions: Paul Gregory of Gregory Farms. I secretly think that if you are not buying … Continue reading

Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner

The Kitsap County Agricultural Alliance Harvest Dinner last Sunday was a celebration of what is possible. Organizing Chef Chris Plemmons of Two Snooty Chefs and Olympic College arranged a galaxy of culinary stars, including Chef Richard Kost of CJ’s Evergreen General Store and Catering and Chef Jeff McLelland of Harbour Public House & Pegasus Cafe to lay out a sumptuous groaning board. About 150 people showed up to share the feast. There were a few luminaries in the crowd, including Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido and Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent. There were three lines of tables – three! One table served hot meat-based main dishes, one table served salads and vegetarian fare, and the third offered delicious dessert treats (BonBon Bakery, Sweets and Savories, Viking Feast). I had an ambition to talk about all the items, but I lost my menu, and frankly, it was overwhelming. I do remember quite … Continue reading

KCAA Kitsap Grown Harvest Dinner Sunday 10/28 – be there!

Top five reasons to go to the Harvest Dinner next Sunday: Number five: The event benefits the farmer-led Kitsap County Agricultural Alliance. These are the folk who feed us! Number four: The spotlight’s on locally produced food. Number three: It’s on Sunday, easy to fit into the schedule, and solving the problem, what’s for Sunday dinner? Number two: the talented chef team is led by our own Chef Chris Plemmons, a quiet hero in school and kitchen. Number one: Kitsap Cuisine helped buy the goat! See you there! KCAA Harvest Meal … Continue reading

The Productive Household

As I was looking at my bookshelf today my eye fell on a book that talked about homesteading. I thought, that’s our problem, we don’t know how to think about this yet. I don’t live on a homestead. John Levin lived on a homestead. When he arrived in Silverdale there were lots of woods and not a lot else, no paved roads, no railroad. He controlled most of the raw resources he needed to build his house and produce food. I live on an acre of prime farmland in an area zoned high density urban. My house, built in the 1980s, was built as a site of consumption. Resources are both produced and consumed elsewhere and shipped (consuming oil) to my house to be consumed. One way to look at consumption is that there are two kinds of resources, those that can be renewed (like groundwater, plant cycles, sunshine) and … Continue reading