What’s wrong with wheat

Local farmer Peggy Hall posted this link – had to share it here: The Real Reason for Toxic Wheat. Another reason in the hopper to trace why conventional wheat causes reactions in many people: flooding fields with Roundup at harvest. I am not making this up. Nash farms in Clallam County grow many grains and sell through the Poulsbo Farmers Market. My family makes bread in a bread machine, a five minute setup and three hours later we have bread. It’s delicious and sustaining. … Continue reading

What is food?

This is the first part of a new series for people just getting started on eating healthy food: How to Eat Real Food. The journey to eat real food at home begins with a realization. For some of us it’s a health issue, like allergies or gluten intolerance. Doctors may recommend a real food diet for those recovering from an illness. Or we may become aware that what we’re eating now is not what we were eating two decades ago. Whatever impulse puts us on the journey, everyone starts with the same startling question, a question whose answer should be obvious but turns out not to be. What is food? One place to start is to explore what is not food. We eat a lot of things that our great-grandparents would not have called food. Some of them are packaged as food, others are added into food as ingredients. Top … Continue reading