Breaking out the crock pot

The commitment to cook and eat at home is constantly renewed. This summer Alex and I bought a bookstore. It’s great and we’re happy, but adjusting to having a family member go back to work hit us harder than we expected. He’d taken on making lunch every day and dinner most days. Now he works at the store all day, I work at my day job and then head for the shop at night. We had a lot of pizza and takeout Chinese. After a couple of weeks of this I rebelled. No more industrial food! Ted made a lot of dinners while we adjusted. Last week I broke out the crockpot and made a dinner that was waiting for us when we got home. I see a lot more crock pot dinners in our future! Here’s a quick chicken broth idea. It starts with a chicken dinner. Prep: pull … Continue reading


It’s that time of year when I start to amass the squash collection. In the dark months of winter squash, potatoes, and apples tucked away in the pantry carry us through to the spring greens and berries. The red kuri here was a gift from Darren Gordon of House of Bees. The blue Sweet Meat (kubota) and the little yellow acorn squash came from Wyckels Farm, where Andrea never fails to remind me to turn the squash once a week. I do! … Continue reading

As-local-as-possible food palette

I’m on a retreat; there’s just me in a small cabin with a minimal kitchen. I’m interested in seeing what meals I can turn out with just the pantry I have currently stocked. Pantry Oils: Oils of Pacines California olive oil, from Abundantly Green farm store. Honeyridge Farms (Brush Prairie, WA) balsamic honey vinegar. This is vinegar made from honey. Apres Vin (Yakima) Chardonnay grapeseed oil. Flours: Shephard’s Grain (Washington) white flour. Finnriver Farm (Chimacum) spelt flour. Meat: Clark Farm (Sequim) beef. Pheasant Fields Farm (Kitsap) chicken. Cape Cleare (Port Townsend) salmon. Dairy: Blackjack Valley (Kitsap) milk. Organic Valley (?) butter. Tillamook (Oregon) and Greenbank Farm (Whidbey Island) cheese. Pheasant Fields Farm and Red Rooster Farm (Kitsap) eggs. Fruits: Kitsap: strawberries, apples. Washington state: peaches, pears. Other: kiwi berries (from Central Market marked “Northwest”), bananas. Vegetables: All from Kitsap: Potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, garlic, kale, lettuce, corn, summer squash, winter … Continue reading

Kitsap Cuisine Foodshed

My focus as a home cook is to source food as close to home as possible and make as much as I can in my own kitchen. This blog documents these efforts. I call it “Kitsap Cuisine” because I have been trying to eat just in the Kitsap foodshed. I am homesick for real food. The kind that just came from the earth, or the henhouse, or the teat; grown with care, treated simply before landing on the plate. I am homesick for neighborhood where people know my name and care about whether my house is standing. I am homesick for community made up of people who care about food, and about the fertility of the land, and whether our grandnieces and nephews will get to enjoy the same blue skies and birdsongs that bring so much pleasure to our lives. After spending a week in Vermont it’s been rough … Continue reading