Food day

Monday night I spent three hours in the kitchen. On Mondays I’m alone in the house, so I can turn up the music, bang away at the pots, sing, and generally have a good time. I finally got to a couple of tasks hanging around, in the case of the herbs literally. I pulled the herb bundles down from the wall and put each in a labeled plastic bag. Coriander went into its own tin. One plant made enough seeds to fill the tin and go into a plastic bag. I’ll plant a few of the seeds and see if I can get one more cilantro crop in for the winter. Herbs put by: fennel leaf, fennel seed, savory (a favorite soup herb), pineapple sage, tarragon, and coriander. I also cleaned out the vegetable crisper. I found some baby white and red onions and a bundle of green onions. I … Continue reading

Green pages – a business opportunity

While on vacation in Willamette Valley this summer I picked up the free shopper Natural Choice Directory, The Healthy Green Pages. This annual periodical is in its third year. It has “green pages” listing advertisers by category, white pages with an alphabetic listing, featured sponsors at the front of the book. There’s a farmer’s market guide, a list of community organizations, and a glossary of green living and building terms. There’s a Puget Sound version as well – it covers Seattle, the east side, and south sound, but doesn’t venture as far out as west sound or Kitsap. I also picked up The Green Book, covering Southern Oregon and Northen California. This free shopper focuses only on ads, skipping the articles, and is in its 19th year of printing. Kitsap County has more than 600 farms, over a dozen farmer’s markets, and hundreds of green and healthy businesses. It’s amazing … Continue reading

This week in food

This week’s menus: Breakfast: London Maid crumpet with apple butter or light fruit jam (right now I have peach, blueberry and apricot) or: fried egg, fresh peach Lunch: crudite plate – dill and sweet pickles, radishes, Mt. Townsend cheese, London Maid rosemary crackers (thin and light), dried fruit Or: peanut butter sandwich (bread from Sluys, peanut butter from CB’s) with apple butter Dinner: Special weekend dinner: pork loin (natural from Central Market), potatoes with rosemary (Ted’s), mesclun with balsamic vinaigrette, a split of Calera 2008 Pinot Noir, strawberries from the garden on my vanilla ice cream Cumin-themed dinner: potato chicken curry with white wine reduction, roasted cumin carrots, lentil soup. Basmati rice and cucumber salad Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs with onion and swiss cheese, blackberry quick bread Low energy day dinner: chicken korma (Ted’s), leftover basmati rice, mesclun with rice vinegar and grapeseed oil sprinkled on Dinner to take … Continue reading

Time management

As we learned more about the industrial food system my family decided to shift as much of our food processing as possible to our own kitchen. I think of it as stepping up and re-assuming the fundamental responsibility to feed myself and make sure that the food I eat is safe. This is a lot of work. It helps to buy and grow fresh ingredients because they can be prepared simply and taste wonderful. Eventually though it became clear to me that I needed to study kitchen time management. Batch cooking: At the local Barnes and Noble I found Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg’s book Once a Month Cooking. The first year of eating local I had a lot of fun with that book. I’d block off a weekend and spend two days in the kitchen. Alex was my sous chef and would do the prep. I learned that … Continue reading