Shopping day

Saturday! My family and I head to Poulsbo for the weekly shopping run. First stop: the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market, voted one of the nation’s ten best of its size. I wander around and talk to all the farmers, and load my basket with beautiful fresh produce, eggs, and salmon. Next we stop by Sluys, the Poulsbo bakery, where a family of master bakers passes down its skill through the generations. We get our bread there. Then to Central Market for the staples we haven’t been able to buy fresh elsewhere. This is a locally owned market with fantastic ties to the community. It’s our main source for dairy, dry goods, and coffee. Today I also stopped by Marina Market. What a great source for Scandanavian foods! Who can resist a licorice shrine? Links: Poulsbo Farmer’s Market Central Market Marina Market … Continue reading