MorMor celebrates inspirational chefs

A great dinner doesn’t just feed the body, it educates and inspires. That was especially true of MorMor Bistro’s wine dinner Thursday October 11. The “Culinary All-Stars” dinner presented four courses, each recreating a recipe from an influential teacher. Chef John Nesby recalled watching cooking shows at his grandmother’s house. Unlike today’s entertainment cooking contests, shows like Great Chefs demonstrated cooking in the real world – you can hear the sound of the hood, knives on the cutting board, the clatter of plates. “Kitchens are alive,” he said, and the best chef teachers bring you into the kitchen. Course one was inspired by traditionalist Jacques Pepin. Chef Nesby held up a copy of Pepin’s book La Technique and said, “Jacques writes this book as if he is training you.” Since technique is fundamental to making soup, the dinner’s first course was based on Pepin’s “WIld Mushroom Bisque”, made in this … Continue reading

Bay Street Bistro Sunday supper

It’s been a while since I had the chance to check out chef John Stasinger’s cooking. Last Sunday I brought two people with me to enjoy the Sunday Supper. Often featuring local ingredients, the fixed menu includes appetizer, soup, entree, and dessert for $26. What a deal! Sunday’s dinner started with a complimentary tasting of one of the bistro’s wines. My friends require a martini with dinner, which the bar easily provided. The appetizer followed soon after, a warm roasted garlic dip with grilled bread. The char on the bread nicely complimented the hint of sweetness from the garlic. Next, the soup, curried pumpkin bisque wtih cardamom cream. Soup really lets you know how the meal will go. This soup was visually beautiful, seasonal, rich, and the cream finished the warm curry. The advertised entree was a half-chicken with honey-mustard glaze. The staff commented they have to get extra to-go … Continue reading

Mobile artisan bread maker in Bremerton

I was on my way to a beekeeper’s house off Kitsap Way on Saturday when I saw a truck that said “Artisan bread”. I veered over to the shoulder quickly thinking I need a bumper sticker that says I break for local food. The truck turned out to be Loaf and Round, peddling home-made bread by the roadside. One of the customers already at the window urged me to try the pink grapefruit bread, one of Martin Becar’s many experiments. It was light and delicious. Martin was happy to talk to me about the ingredients in the bread, which are pretty much the ingredients I put in my bread, except his is much better. I took home two rounds of bread and a printed sheet listing their sale locations and dates. You can find them Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays on Mickelberry Road (just past Kitsap Way) and at Austin Drive, … Continue reading

Late fall local food

Now that the fall rains have set in, where can we go to get fresh food in Kitsap? Two farmers markets and three farmstands remain open for business. Poulsbo Farmers Market The Poulsbo Farmers Market remains open in the same outdoor location until December 17. Zucchini and summer squash, colorful varieties of winter squash, tender lettuce and hardy kale, potatoes and carrots, strawberries and tomatoes warmed in hoop houses, and lots more are available from Kitsap farmers. There’s live music and food cooked on the spot. Poulsbo Farmers Market Bainbridge Farmers Market The Bainbridge Farmers Market has extended outdoor location hours as well, to November 12. The following Saturday the market moves to its usual indoor location for the holiday season, November 19 to December 17. Bainbridge Farmers Market Abundantly Green Farm Store The store at the Abundantly Green organic farm is open daily through Halloween 2 p.m. to 6:30 … Continue reading