I’ve been eating in the local foodshed for three years. Grow your own: I’m growing a garden, our chickens are running around the neighborhood, and this year we’re getting a bit of blackberry honey from our hives. Friend of farmers: I’m on a first name basis with ‘most every farmer in central Kitsap. I only eat meat if I know who raised it. I have half a pig in my freezer and it’s not my first half pig. Circles of “local”: I know what food is available in Kitsap, in the surrounding counties (Mason, Jefferson, Clallam), what I can get from Washington, what I have to import from California. With a handful of exceptions (coffee, chocolate, citrus) I pretty much don’t buy or eat it if it doesn’t come from those circles. Grocers: I shop at the farmers markets (Bremerton and Poulsbo), Central Market, Costco and Cash and Carry for … Continue reading

Welcome wagon

New neighbors get packages from the garden – I figure I better catch them while the rooster’s crow is still charming, as opposed to ungodly early. Here’s what the newcomers got today: Lettuce leaves, three kinds Mint, dill, oregano, bay Lavender, mostly dried – it’s harvest time in the lavender field! Strawberries, the very last of the season Half a dozen eggs Welcome to the neighborhood! … Continue reading

New bee blog!

I get more questions and comments on my beekeeping entries than any other. It’s an intricate endeavor and there’s a lot of information and interest on the topic. So I’ve spun off a beekeeping blog, Blackberry Bees. Today I posted about the class Ted and I gave at the Poulsbo Farmers Market yesterday. Check it out! … Continue reading