Restaurant Nora – Washington DC

I took Ted, Alex and my nephew out to Restaurant Nora. This Washington DC eatery advertises as the first certified organic restaurant in America. I made our reservations through Open Table. We were seated at a large round table in the center of the room. Accent lighting brightly emphasized colorful Amish crib quilts hung on the walls. Service was four star – our waiter appeared when we needed him, took our orders without fuss, poured the wine, and managed the valet ticket. The menu noted at the top, “In season, Peppers – Corn – Peaches – Chanterelles – Squash – Eggplant – Tomatoes”. I considered the $78 tasting menu but decided to focus on a full entree. Dinner started with a local greens salad with grapes, almonds, gorgonzola, and balsamic vinaigrette. Ted had a caesar salad which used pickled red onions as the dressing – I’d order that if I … Continue reading

Fresh local store in Washington DC

Turns out that the neighborhood around our Washington DC rental is going green. Alex stumbled on a fresh local grocery just around the corner from the house. It has a small garden out front attracting bumblebees. Inside the store offers bulk goods, organic meat in the freezer case, Seventh Generation cleaners, and a selection of wines. Produce you order online and pick up at the grocery. You can order Polyface Farm eggs! The clerk in the store told me it’s been there four years now. I picked up an Abita root beer brewed with Louisiana cane sugar and black cherry yogurt from Pequa Valley Farms in Pennsylvania. It was nice to feel hooked into the local-organic food system. Links: Field to City Article about Le Droit Park … Continue reading

Foggy Bottom Farmers Market

While in Washington DC I managed to swing by a farmers market. On the east coast I’m hearing the term “greengrocer” as an alternative to farmers market. The Foggy Bottom Freshfarm Market runs Wednesdays 3 to 7. It’s tucked right into a Metro stop. This market had an information booth which offered the best handouts I’ve seen at a market. There’s a nice card with all the 2011 Freshfarm Markets, six in Washington DC and six in Maryland; a flyer with “Ten reasons to shop at a farmers market”; and a 12-page half-sheet booklet called “Words to Eat By” with: a glossary of market lingo, food processing terms, animal husbandry terms, and a calculation of how far your meal travelled if you shopped at one of the markets. I’ll bring them to the next KCAA meeting I attend so everyone can take a look at them. The booklet explained that … Continue reading

Chicago food

Part of the education for the family on this trip is tasting for ourselves the regional differences in food. There are three foods I wanted to compare in Chicago and New York: pizza, hot dogs, and cheesecake. Pizza we got from a corner grill in Andersonville. Ted grew up in Chicago and explained that Chicago pizza has a deeper crust – I thought it was soft too – and has more sauce. I had a sausage slice fresh and warm, perfectly edible. The hot dog we picked up at a streetside vendor in front of the Field Museum. I ordered mine “Chicago style”, and it came with with relish, onion, dill pickle, and a hot pepper. Catsup had to be ordered special so I didn’t. I wouldn’t eat a hot pepper for lunch every day but it gave the dog a nice kick. Cheesecake topped the meal at Harry Caray’s. … Continue reading