Homeless/Low Income

It’s hard to focus on eating local and organic when just eating is our main priority. I’ve been homeless and hungry and am grateful to be able to give back.

Washington State’s Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program enables individual farmers to accept WIC (Women/Infant/Children), senior FNMP, and SNAP/EBT payment for their produce and other food items.

Most food banks offer some fresh food. Farmers markets and Master Gardener gardens donate to the food banks in season.
Food Banks

Here’s a quick list of additional resources.

Pea Patches
Don’t have space for a garden? Pea patches provide generous room for growing your own vegetables. The people who run them, often Master Gardeners, are very supportive and have a lot of information and resources. If you can’t afford the cost, talk to the garden coordinator to see what you can work out – just be sure to follow through on your commitments! Every gardener I know wants to make sure everyone has access to healthy food.