Master Gardener Foundation plant sale

At the Master Gardener foundation fundraising auction last year I was the winning bidder on a special prize: the right to shop half an hour early on the opening day of the annual plant sale. That day was yesterday. It was like being queen for a day. I showed up at the door and said cheerfully, “I’m the early shopper.” The master gardener who greeted me said politely, “I’m sorry, there’s no early shopping.” I said, “There is for one!” She lit up and said, “Oh! You’re the early shopper!” She took me on a private tour of the tables. I got to swan around and cherry-pick exactly what I wanted. I picked up a lovely little cyclamen and a maroon geranium I thought was the prettiest plant in the building. I didn’t abuse the privilege, I wasn’t greedy, and only took one of the two bleeding heart plants. I … Continue reading

What is food?

This is the first part of a new series for people just getting started on eating healthy food: How to Eat Real Food. The journey to eat real food at home begins with a realization. For some of us it’s a health issue, like allergies or gluten intolerance. Doctors may recommend a real food diet for those recovering from an illness. Or we may become aware that what we’re eating now is not what we were eating two decades ago. Whatever impulse puts us on the journey, everyone starts with the same startling question, a question whose answer should be obvious but turns out not to be. What is food? One place to start is to explore what is not food. We eat a lot of things that our great-grandparents would not have called food. Some of them are packaged as food, others are added into food as ingredients. Top … Continue reading

Farmers Market Season has begun!

It’s farmer’s market season again! Here are some of the things you could find at the Poulsbo Farmers Market last Saturday. Starts: dill, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi, squash, marigold, sunflowers, tomatoes. Fresh produce:kale, mixed lettuce greens, big juicy radishes. Overwintered potatoes and brand new leeks; overwintered apples and spring rhubarb. Protein:Eggs, chicken, lamb. Staples:Wheat flour, corn meal, dried beans. Handcrafted food: ice cream, pastry, salsa and tamales. Eggs scrambled while you wait and pizza baked on the spot. Beauty: cut flowers for the vase on the table! … Continue reading

Round two

I can’t believe it’s been so many months since I wrote here! Well, people in the community have seen me at farmers markets, in the Master Gardener program, and at the bee club. Aside from those activities, my job became so insanely busy I stopped cooking altogether. What that meant is that Alex took up the apron and has been following the journey that I took – and he uses this blog to do it! The closing of Mor Mor was a real blow. I remember coming off a 30 day trip around the country and falling into the doors of that restaurant as a welcome homecoming. Of course we wish John and Laura all success – can’t wait to see the new diner! It did cause me to consider whether I was going to continue working on this blog. Alex tells me that there are people reading it, in … Continue reading