Twinkie, Deconstructed

I have spent much of my adult working life being too busy to cook. My family ate a lot of frozen dinners and restaurant food. But it seems that while I my attention was elsewhere, something awful happened to food in the industrial world. My first inkling that what I was eating might not actually be food was an orange-covered book with a snappy title that leapt into my hand in the bookstore. In Twinkie, Deconstructed, Steve Ettinger documented his quest to figure out what his children were actually eating. He read the fine print on his Twinkie wrapper and tracked down the sources of those ingredients. The subtitle of his book tells the tale: My Journey to Discover How the Ingredients Found in Processed Foods Are Grown, Mined (Yes, Mined), and Manipulated into What America Eats. Ettinger traveled to the mines and factories where the ingredients in many products … Continue reading

Shopping day

Saturday! My family and I head to Poulsbo for the weekly shopping run. First stop: the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market, voted one of the nation’s ten best of its size. I wander around and talk to all the farmers, and load my basket with beautiful fresh produce, eggs, and salmon. Next we stop by Sluys, the Poulsbo bakery, where a family of master bakers passes down its skill through the generations. We get our bread there. Then to Central Market for the staples we haven’t been able to buy fresh elsewhere. This is a locally owned market with fantastic ties to the community. It’s our main source for dairy, dry goods, and coffee. Today I also stopped by Marina Market. What a great source for Scandanavian foods! Who can resist a licorice shrine? Links: Poulsbo Farmer’s Market Central Market Marina Market … Continue reading

Cleaning the refridgerator

Another busy day in the kitchen, clearing space both for the Saturday shopping. Things I made today: blueberry freezer jam, trying to use up last year’s frozen blueberries apricot freezer jam, with this year’s apricots vanilla ice cream (for friends coming over tomorrow) baked a chicken – it was in the refrigerator for a week, will use in soups and such Provencal vegetable soup I could actually see the bottom shelf of my refrigerator after all this. Made some space in the vegetable bin too. I unearthed a bag of basil I’d forgotten about. I thought about drying the leaves, but they were right at the edge of usable. What I did instead was chop them up, which let me pull the black bits out. The Provencal soup recipe called for pesto to be added at serving. I pulled a couple of pesto cubes from the freezer and dropped them … Continue reading

Bremerton Farmer’s Market

Today I stopped at the regular Thursday Bremerton Farmer’s Market. I love this market, even though it’s not as big as Poulsbo’s, because the farmers are all my closest neighbors. Pheasant Fields Farms, my CSA, shows up every week. Jean Schanen and Glenn Huff bring their Start Now booth – they’re my regular lettuce supplier. Links: Bremerton Farmer’s Market … Continue reading