The Kitsap year has two seasons: pantry and farmers market! By May all the farmers markets are open around the county. The last market closes in December.

June is the beginning of summer bounty.

What’s in Season

Greens: lettuce, spinach
Roots: last year’s potatoes, leeks, carrots
Fruits: strawberries!
Flavorings: herbs (thyme, parsley, oregano, mint). Fennel has come on.
Meat: frozen beef and pork, fresh-frozen (newly slaughtered) chicken
Dairy: eggs. You can also get raw milk from local farm stores.

When the spring onions or leeks come on at the same time as the first strawberries, I sometimes cut them up on the same plastic cutting board. Strawberries pick up the flavor of onions very easily! I try to remember to do the strawberries first, then the onions.

June is also when the summer CSAs begin delivery. From June through October the season is on – the challenge is to keep up with it!