The Kitsap year has two seasons: pantry and farmers market! By May all the farmers markets are open around the county. The last market closes in December.

As the rains set in we get shorter, colder days, and nights that can dip into freezing temperatures. Hardy farmers are still harvesting and selling! Most of the farmers markets have closed down, however, Poulsbo and Bainbridge both continue to December 22. Start Now urban farm offers produce for pickup every week, and Abundantly Green farm store is open every Tuesday.

In November we start leaning on the pantry. Potatoes, carrots, and apples can be stored at 40-50, which is the temperature outside and in the refrigerator. The canned goods we carefully laid by all summer come out to the table.

What’s in season

All the fruiting vegetables, and all the soft fruits, are memories of summer. Hearty fare comes into its own – root vegetables, beans, and squash. While lettuce is still available, kale stands up to the hearty flavors of the season. Most fruits are available only if canned or frozen, but fresh apples and pears are still in the markets. Chickens and turkeys are still being slaughtered by local farmers.

November menus

  • A Simple Local Holiday Meal: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie.
  • Lunch:Soup or stew and savory bread. Squash soup is especially appropriate.
  • Dinner: Baked meat; fried rice; pasta; bean side dishes; greens with salad beans.