Shopping strategies:

  1. Farmers market. Pick a farmers market. Shop there once a week. What’s on the list: chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, fruits, bread (including crumpets!), spices. Also soda, cupcakes, ice cream, jam, honey, spices.
  2. Farm store. Locate your nearest farm store and visit during their open hours. What’s on the list: all of the above, plus: coffee, olive oil for salads, raw milk.
  3. Grocery store. CJ’s in Bremerton, Central Market in Poulsbo and on Bainbridge Island, then the organic section of any grocery store. What’s on the list: Organic Valley milk and butter, Tillamook or Beecher’s cheese, CB’s Nuts peanut butter, flour, sugar (white and brown), spices.
  4. Warehouse store. Costco and Cash N Carry. What’s on the list: rice, dry beans, canned beans, pasta, cooking oil, bulk spices.