Apple quick bread

Here’s the recipe for the quick bread I made for the Kitsap Community and Agricultural Alliance meeting tonight. Since I have a lot of Karen’s milk I used that, although you could easily use water. Apple Quick Bread 1/2 cup melted butter (I clarified mine) or vegetable oil 1/2 cup milk (Black Jack Valley Farms) 3 eggs, beaten lightly (Black Jack Valley Farms) 2 1/4 cups flour 1 cup sugar 3 tsp. baking powder 1/2 cup applesauce or apple compote Mix the wet ingredients. Add the dry ingredients and mix until smooth. Bake in 350′ oven about an hour or until the bread is brown. … Continue reading

Bread flour

Someone commented to me the other day that if you’re eating bread every day it’s important to have ways to make break the monotony. I thought, wow, how can bread be monotonous? I don’t think I’ve ever made the same loaf twice. First there are all the ways you can make bread. I am still using the bread machine when I’m in a hurry. When I think about what I need half a day before I need it, I make a fast dough and let it rise, then shape it into a ball and bake it on the pizza stone in the oven. There are the liquid ingredients. Swapping milk in for water and butter for oil, and adding an egg, makes a denser, richer bread. Most important is the flour. There are so many! I have a cabinet full of variety. There’s King Arthur bread flour, Fairhaven organic all-purpose, … Continue reading