A simple local holiday meal

By holiday here I mostly mean the semi-secular American Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other cultural and religious celebrations at this time of year come with their own food traditions (which I would love to learn!) If you’ve been making holiday dinners for your family for years, turning out oyster stuffing and decorating your pumpkin pies, this post is not for you. I’m talking to the people whose turkey dinner normally comes on a plastic tray heated in the microwave. If you have inherited The Meal, or you just want to make it yourself, it can be daunting to take on. So many dishes, so much expectation! And on top of everything else we’re supposed to make it local and healthy? Here are some ideas to cut that massive project down to size. First, the local healthy thing works in your favor. The great thing about local fresh foods is that they … Continue reading

Brussels sprouts

This is a Captain Obvious post for experienced gardeners. For me, it’s the first time I’ve ever grown brussels sprouts. I picked a good year to plant brassicas, they’ve┬ádone well this year in our cloudy cool summer, and I got four harvests from the broccoli plants and good heads from the cauliflower. Long after those stalks were on the compost heap though my four brussels sprouts plants kept growing. They’ve attracted some attention in the neighborhood – “what are those things?” So I thought I’d post a picture for others like me who might not have seen one before. The broccoli and cauliflower grew heads out of the central stalk. I was quite surprised when the brussels sprouts started forming at the juncture of the leaves and the main stalk. Most are still small, although a few are getting big enough to eat. It seems I’m going to get a … Continue reading