As summer slides into fall I’ve been making changes in the garden. I finally harvested the two cabbages I grew all year in one of the 4×4 raised beds. I picked up these January King cabbages as starts from Friendly Natives at the Bainbridge Farmers Market this time last year and nursed them through the winter under a plastic cloche. A year later two of those plants had taken over the entire bed! I see why Jean Schanen doesn’t grow them on the Start Now urban farm – those plants take up a lot of space. It took a small sickle to get them off the stalk. The little head came in at two pounds, the bigger one at six – not close to the year’s prize-winner, but I still should have entered the big one at the Kitsap County Fair. One quarter of the little head fed the family … Continue reading


Ted’s parents live in Sequim, which means he can stop by Nash’s and pick up that late winter-early spring staple, cabbage. He makes it into coleslaw as a frequent contribution to the family dinners. I asked him to record his recipe, here it is! Here’s Ted in his own words (can you tell he’s a fan of Nadia G’s Cooking Channel show Bitchin’ Kitchen?) Tedslaw I recently discovered that cole slaw is stupidly simple to make and easily customizable to give it a personalized flavor or to complement other items on the menu. Herewith is my default recipe with guidance for those who haven’t done a lot of this sort of cooking. You can experiment with the spices and vinegar, or make your own mayonaise to exercise your creative flair. OK, let’s do it. This is based on the default recipe in Joy of Cooking (mayo, vinegar, sugar) with some … Continue reading

Sweet Red Cabbage

I spent weeks last winter working on this recipe to reproduce the Czech red cabbage I loved in my childhood. The whole family ate a lot of this on visits to Prague. Now that it’s cabbage season my family thought it was time to break it out again. We paired it with Uly’s bratwurst sausage (from Marina Market of course) and baby potatoes from the garden for a wonderfully Oktoberfest kind of dinner. Start with one large or two small red cabbages. Lots of farmers have them right now. Quarter the cabbage, remove the hearts (I give them to Ted, who eats them), and slice in ΒΌ inch strips. Slice six strips of bacon into lardons. Render these in the pan until the bacon is crispy. Combine one cup of water with 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, and measure out 2 tbs. brown sugar and 2 tbs. dry mustard. … Continue reading