I wrote off celery when I made the commitment to seasonal local eating, passing up the pale stringy stalks in the grocery store to make mirrepoix, the aromatic carrots-onions-celery base of many recipes, with just local carrots and onions. One September a Sequim farmer showed up to a farmer’s market with celery. I squealed gleefully, bought up his stock, and chopped and froze it for cooking all winter. The next September a Bainbridge farmer turned up with celery too. I said to myself, hey, you can grow that here? When tiny celery starts showed up at Valley Nursery the next spring I snapped them up. Since then I’ve dedicated half a bed in my garden to celery – in my shaded yard it turns out to be easy to grow, although it takes pretty much the whole growing season. Growing Celery This year I grew nasturtiums right next to the … Continue reading

Saturday Poulsbo Farmer’s Market

Saturday gave us one of those beautiful sunny September days that we all treasure just before the winter rains set in for the season. It was a great day to be at the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market, made even better by the cheerful Oktoberfest sounds from the Hometown Band. Squashes are in! I started my winter squash collection with six acorn squash, one hubbard, and a couple of pumpkins. Last winter I kept a basket of winter squash in my basement and they lasted all the way to February. That’s not all – I found something so exciting at Lazy J Farm that I actually had to take a few deep breaths to calm down before I could talk. Celery. I was amazed that the stall wasn’t completely sold out before I got there. I told the folks there that I was going to freeze them, and they made me a … Continue reading