Cherry season!

This week at the Bremerton Farmers Market Alex bought a pound each of all the kinds of cherries Ayala Farms had to offer. When we got them home I realized that one of those was the cherry variety I had used last year to make maraschino cherries. I immediately pitted the cherries and made the syrup. I ended up with two pint jars in the refrigerator. I didn’t bother to label them, they won’t last the month! Links: Maraschino cherries … Continue reading

Making your own maraschino cherries

I told one of my friends recently that I made my own maraschino cherries. She gaped at me and said, “Why?” To understand my approach to food, it’s important to know why I am going to all the trouble of making the things I do. I’m not a foodie, or gourmet, in the sense that my central interest is having spectacular food experiences. I am interested in taking control of the sources and preparation of my food as much as I can. While I have been figuring out how to do that, I have rediscovered real taste and how much I enjoy cooking. And I have accidentally stumbled on spectacular food experiences. Ingredients used in making maraschino cherries include high fructose corn syrup, a reliable marker of industrial food. So when the weekly Poulsbo Farmer’s Market newsletter mentioned maraschino cherries for sale one week this summer, I made sure to … Continue reading