Food safety in the kitchen

My family is in the process of reclaiming our kitchen. It had been colonized by the industrial food system. Three years ago my idea of dinner was microwaving frozen tray. I might broil a steak to eat with a salad, or pick up a chicken from the grocery store roasting tray, but that was as ambitious as I got. Then I read Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma and watched Food, Inc., and got my education about what has happened to food in this country. The most alarming thing is that factories that are turning out unsafe food are not being closed down. Remember the salmonella outbreak in eggs that sickened 1500 people this summer? The outfit that sold those eggs has been knowingly turning out contaminated eggs for years, and owner Jack de Costa got nothing more than a warning letter from the FDA. Seriously. So how can I know … Continue reading