Here’s a quick and easy meatless Monday main dish. It’s different from an omelet in that you don’t fold it over. The one I made on Monday used ingredients from my own household, eggs with a fresh green chop of cilantro, thinned kale starts, and parsley, plus late season Egyptian walking onions. The only non-Kitsap ingredients were butter and salt. Prep Chop onions and greens. Beat eggs in bowl, 2-3 per person. Fry Saute onions in butter. When they are translucent, add green chop, then eggs. Add salt. When the eggs are set on the bottom, put a dinner plate on top of the pan, flip it over, slide the fritatta back into the pan, and fry until both sides are done. This is a rustic and forgiving dish. You can add thin slices of potatoes, peppers, tomatoes. You can fry bacon and then make the fritatta in the drippings. … Continue reading

Scrambled eggs with ham

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a beautiful smoked ham from Walker Mt. Meadow Meats. This ham turns scrambled eggs into an elegant meal. Here’s a trick I learned from my brother back when he was a chef: when working with a lot of eggs, break each one into a small bowl before adding it to the rest, just in case one of them is off and spoils the batch! (He figured this out on the day that number 97 of 100 was bad…) Prep: Chop one onion. Chop ham into pieces. Break eggs into a bowl, 2-3 per person. Add salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. Saute: Melt butter in frying pan. Saute the onion until translucent. Add ham and fry for a few minutes. Pour in eggs. Keep them moving as they fry. Remove from pan when they are still moist; carry over will … Continue reading

Potluck in an hour: muffins and stuffed eggs

Today I decided at the last minute to show up for a potluck in Seattle. I had an hour to throw together something to bring. It was like one of those Food Network time trials: “You have one hour to make your potluck contribution, and your time starts…NOW!” I thought about doing a quick bread, but those take an hour to bake. Muffins only take 25 minutes and accept many different flavorings. I decided to make a dozen stuffed eggs at the same time. I pulled the oldest dozen Pheasant Fields Farms eggs out of the refrigerator. I filled my big pot with water and put it on high. While the water was coming to a boil, I turned to the muffins. I set the oven to 400. I mixed the wet ingredients in a bowl, threw the dry ingredients in a food storage container and shook them together, then … Continue reading