County Fair – Animal Auction

I attended my first animal auction Saturday morning at the fair. FFA and 4H kids bring out the animals they’ve raised for market. This year some animals didn’t make the minimum weight to be auctioned for sale, but this was offset by the new breeds added to the list. In addition to steer, hogs and lamb, bidders competed for rabbits and goats. Watching the kids was the second-best part. The younger kids tended to be shy, while older kids had gained more confidence, and all of them had ear-to-ear smiles when their animals sold. Most kids apply their earnings to college funds or educational trips. The best part was participating in Kitsap community. There was a fourth-generation farmer down there in the ring. Central Market, Farmer George, Farmland Pets, and Les Schwab bought a number of animals, Black Jack Valley Farm bought at least one, and many farmers added donations … Continue reading

County Fair – Day at the Fair

Friday at the fair: Ted worked the West Sound Beekeepers Association booth at the same time I pulled a shift at the Master Gardener booth in the Presidents Hall. He brought in a bar of natural comb to display alongside the club’s demonstration hive – kids could see and hear live bees, and also touch and smell real comb. This was a real kid pleaser and there were people at the booth all day long. After my shift we went walking around the fair. I got to check out Karen Olsen’s BLJKNinja, fall in love with Shetland sheep, and inspect the Delewares with an eye to acquiring this breed of poultry. The air-conditioned Pavilion is a great place to duck in to escape the heat; Peninsula Fruit Club has their booth there, and so does the Kitsap Community Food Co-op, where I finally signed us up for a membership. Fair … Continue reading

County Fair – President’s Hall

The President’s Hall houses the things people have made. Better yet, the people who make them are there to talk to you! There are splendid vegetables (yes, most of the tomatoes are green), pies and preserves, quilts hanging from the ceiling and knit goods on display. You’ll find representatives from the astronomy club and the woodworkers. There are people sewing, spinning, and baking. West Sound Beekeepers, the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society, and the Grange staff their booths too. Just as you enter the hall you’ll see the Master Gardener booth. Come ask us a question! … Continue reading